Sunday, July 31, 2005

Where to next ? Greece ?

Tomorrow is Swiss national day. That means a holiday. Yippee! I'm just giving some thought as to where the next adventure should take me, because I've got a weeks holiday coming up. The ideas on the table involve Croatia, Malta, Crete and Rhodes, oh and England (because I've never flown there on my own). Yesterday I went to Z├╝rich airport and looked for VFR charts for Greece. There didn't seem to be any available at all. Sounds like another Morocco ! Also, most airfields on the islands seem to be ppr and the distances between them quite large. Even so, it would be a great trip to make. Maybe I'll fly from EDTD through the alps and head through Croatia (where VFR charts are readily accessible) along the dalmatian coast, then cross into Italy (to avoid Albania) and head over to Corfu, making access to Greece easier.

In the mean-time I'm planning a short hop tomorrow to Colmar (France), which I'd like to visit. Happy days.


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