Saturday, August 28, 2004

Trieste and Venice San Nicolo in glorious sunshine.

Decided to proceed into Italy. Croatia had looked interesting but my insurance doesn't cover it and it was going to be a problem to get extra the coverage in time. I've always wanted to go to the small grass field on Lido island in Venice, San Nicolo but I had been forewarned by Pierre-Andre that they no longer had customs there. A phonecall confirmed this. The ATS at San Nicolo reccommended that I fly to either Venice Tessarra or Trieste Ronchi first. I opted for Trieste because it has much less jet traffic than Tessara.

The flight to Trieste in the morning was in wonderful sunshine. There is a single VFR route through the centre of Solvenia leading down to Portoroz and Trieste. This I followed through the Slovenian hills and mountains, talking to Ljublana information, who let me cross into Italy direct over Trieste city rather than by the official entry/exit point this time. Landing in Trieste was a piece of cake, although the Italian ground marshal was unimpressed with my final parking position. I had not understood his signals properly. However, being Italy it didn't really matter. Paperwork was surprisingly quick for such a large airport (12€), and I was on my way to Venice via the coastal route, within 45 minutes. For those who have not been to San Nicolo, the view over Venice during the approach is fantastic. I had some problems to receive the tower frequency at low level, but landing was easy at this relaxed airfield. Fuel was a ripoff at 2€ per liter, so I didn't buy much. I stayed overnight at a hotel 300meters from the airfield and went into Venice by ferry boat in the evening for dinner. Great.


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