Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Stormy weather, slack people.

I was forced to stay in Berlin again overnight due to stormy weather with a 30-40 knot gusting wind picking up and TS over the field. The people at Templehof were not very helpful and could not be bothered to find any blocks or tiedown points for FPZAM, even though I was almost the only aircraft there. They told me 'people normally bring those things with them' - yeah sure they bring concrete blocks with them ! Ridiculous. In the end I put the MCR in the TAG-Aviation hangar there due to storm conditions! Horribly expensive (50€) but gave me peace of mind. Good cowboys always look after their horses first! I was also disgusted the next day when the Templehof people then charged me for overnight parking even though my plane was parked in the TAG hangar for which I had paid seperately. They said 'you should have told us' and couldn't be bothered to change the bill even though I had a document from TAG. These lazy, inflexible people were put utterly to shame by the operators of all the other airfields and airports I visited - large and small.


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