Sunday, August 22, 2004

Start of a trip with the MCR01 through Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and France

I started on a Sunday from my base in Donaueschingen (EDTD) in Germany and flew to Berlin Templehof with fellow MCR voyager Pierre-Andre Velletaz, with 120L of Mogas and Avgas on board FPZAM (main + wing tanks). Templehof is the old wartime airport of Berlin built in 1929 and is right in the centre of the city. The approach to Templehof is superb since it takes you right over thetown. Landing fee is expensive (at least 40€ I think) but well worth the experience, especially since the airport may soon close forever. Visited some sights in Berlin in the evening and had a German meal with Pierre-Andre. Hotel cost was 60€ or double, 50€ single at Hotel Transit (simple but comfortable with breakfast included), 1 stop on the U-bahn from Templehof. Wonderful. Pierre Andre later made a report about Berlin which I think was published.


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