Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Cold front over the black forest. Freiburg.

I'd planned to return to Donaueschingen, a simple 2 hour journey up the Rhone valley to Dole and northeast along the river Doubs and over Basle.Since there was a nasty cold front heading east towards Basle I waited until 2:00pm and made a short 1 hour hop to Dole, which I'd not visited before. It was totally deserted but I could check the weather again. It looked marginalbut I tried for the last leg to Donaueschingen knowing that I could track back to Dole or Dijon if the weather got too bad. Sure enough the weather deteriorated and as I passed Basle I could see the hills of the black forest completely blocked by dark cloud. Trying to track north around the black forest didn't help and Langen Info. told me that Donaueschingen had broken coverage at 1000ft. Ok, enough for me. I landed at my alternate destination of Freiburg on the west side of the black forest and stayed over night, just a 20 minute flight from my destination ... the pleasures of VFR.


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